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Styling Guide For Your Portrait Session

First and foremost...COORDINATE AND COMPLIMENT. But don't be all matchy-matchy.

We all want to know what to wear. It's a pretty important question. Because your wardrobe selection can make or break your photos.

When styling a session, I like to begin with one basic color palette and build off that. When choosing a color, think about how you will be displaying these images. If you are wanting to display them in your home, try to coordinate with your home decor. If your home theme is red, green probably wouldn't be the best wardrobe color. Unless you are going for the Christmas look all year long. ;)

Once you have chosen a color, think of a second or third color that compliments your base color. Greys and pinks. Mustard, blush and merlot. Navy, yellow and grey. Different shades of colors are great to avoid everyone blending in together. White is gorgeous, but outside in the sunshine, it can be challenging from my cameras point.

Now add in textures, layers, and accessories. Think scarves, hats (without logos) and statement jewelry. Now don't go overboard and show up looking like you got into Mary Poppins bag, we still want you to be the focus of the images. When I say to add in texture, and accessories, it's just to compliment, not to take center stage. Patterns can by fun, but only have one person wear it, and the others in more subtle solids.

Please avoid logos, characters, and words. I know, it's such an instagram thing to wear a cute slogan on your shirt. But honestly, it can make it challenging to have them be readable in the images.

Shoes. If we will be going to the beach for photos, please plan to be barefoot. If we will be on a trail of any kind, be mindful of that. I always suggest to bring flat shoes so we can walk to our location, and then change when we get settled. Just don't wear sneakers for the actual photos. Shoes are very important.

Now this is very very important when choosing outfits. Pick clothes that you are comfortable in. For example, if your arms are not your favorite body part, a tank top or short sleeve probably isn't the best idea. If you aren't a fan of your booty, wear a long blouse to cover it. We want you to feel confident and not be worried about how you look. Also, avoid showing bra straps.

And another side note, yes I use photoshop. But please don't rely on me to have to photoshop out stains, rips, logos, or labels.

If you want some visual ideas, check out my Pinterest board for clients.

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