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Dolphin Bay Resort | Surprise Proposal | Pimso Beach, Ca

She thought they were celebrating their anniversary, at Dolphin Bay Resort in Pismo Beach. Little did she know, he had coordinated a sunset dinner overlooking our gorgeous coast line, complete with photography, and a musician who played their song, and a beautiful floral arrangement. After they popped the champagne, he gave a toast, to them and their future. And then he got down on one knee. There is a beautiful twist to this story though. On this day, 5 years ago, they got married, but they didn't have a fancy proposal. And you and I both know, that is every girls dream. So for their 5th anniversary, she got the romantic proposal. And I think that is the best anniversary ever.

We headed down to the water for some gorgeous photos, and it was a miracle, the sun came out and the fog cleared. Which is unheard of in June in Pismo. It was the most beautiful evening!

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