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Brunch N Branding | The Community For Entrepreneurs On The Central Coast Ca.

Sister, do you crave community + connection? Me too. I thrive in it. My soul literally has a hunger for it. And guess what? It’s because that’s how we were designed. We weren’t designed to be alone. Since the beginning of mankind we have been with others. And then when we look at other countries, they have tribes, and villages. When you’re a creative entrepreneur mom like me, you crave it even more. That’s why I started Brunch N Branding. For the community, connection and empowering ripple effects. To ignite our passions and cheer each other on.

It’s so easy to stay busy. To just do it by yourself. I get it. But I believe there’s power in community. There’s fruit to be harvested when we join together and sow our seeds.

Join me at the table, the last Sunday of each month. Where we will talk about what went well, what we hope to be different and we set our intentions for the upcoming month.

All while enjoying each other’s company and yummy brunch.

To register for your seat at the table, please sign up here Registration is free and open to 8 attendees.

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