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The first 48 hours with a new baby are magical - a time of admiring and bonding with your sweet little bundle before you’re sent off into the chaos of day to day life in the real world. But as magical as those first 48 hours are, they fly by so quickly that parents are often sent home wondering what even just happened? Being able to capture that time in photos gives new parents the opportunity to relive this special time for years to come.

I was honored to be chosen by the Cox family to capture this Fresh 48 session in the hospital before they took their new miracle home.

Mama Ginger gave birth to baby Joseph at Marian Regional Hospital in Santa Maria, California. I loved seeing how this family was clearly made whole by the addition of Joseph. Dad proudly cuddling his new son, big brother Thomas watching by his side and mama Ginger, a beautiful warrior and creator of life, enjoying her three boys by her side.

What a treat to be able to capture this room full of so much love!

Are you expecting and interested in capturing these precious first moments? Contact me here.

Central Coast Newborn Photographer

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