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Welcome to my blog! I thought I would kick it off with a tour of the studio. When I got this studio, it had blue carpet, and tan walls. I had a vision of exactly what I wanted…white, bright and luxurious, complete opposite of what it was. But I fell in love with the organic light, and knew this space had the potential. My amazingly talented husband brought that vision to life. What would I do without him?! I am so proud of my studio, it was a dream of mine since I was in high school developing photos in the dark room! It’s located just blocks from the beach, on the Central Coast.

It’s a small space, but it’s so cozy. Everything has a purpose, from the Amethyst that creates a harmonious and calming atmosphere, to the magical Calming Mist from Natalie Garay at {ther.happy} It’s a blend of her Calming Flower Essence with some Tangerine and Lavender Essential oils.

This past year, I wanted to find my niche, I wanted to specialize with a passion. I dabbled with a lot of different ideas, and I promised myself that I would go with what wants to grow. I wasn’t going to force anything. This time last year, I wrote in my Business Journal about how I wanted to specialize in Newborns. And then I wrote how I wanted to be a Personal Branding Photographer. And then families. And then and then and then. Oh and lets not forget about Weddings. At the end of 2017, I found myself full circle, back to wanting to specialize in Newborns. I am very content with this choice. I have stocked my studio with lots of cute little props and I am ready for all the babies! Next on the list is to fill the walls with my beautiful canvas creations!

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