Don't cancel your baby shower!

Pregnant in quarantine. Fun times. It doesn't even matter if this is your first, second, third or tenth pregnancy, IT IS HARD for us expectant Moms. (It's hard for everyone but right now this post is for us Moms to be.) My good friend Madison was so excited to plan my baby shower. We had all the details worked out and invites were ordered. And then we all were forced onto the Rona Coaster....and thats when Madison got creative (like she is so good at!) and she came up with the Virtual Baby Shower! Heck yes! If any of you would like some help putting together a virtual baby shower, or birthday, or any type of event, you have to connect with her! She is a health and wellness advocate on the Central Coast and her info is at the end of this blog.

Here are some words from Madison...

So your baby shower is getting canceled and you are thinking of hosting a virtual one instead (how 2020 of you!) This post will tell you the basics of what a virtual shower is, how to successfully host one and party themes/ideas!

What is a virtual shower? This is going to replace your in-person shower. Is it going to be exactly the same? No. BUT it’s going to be equally as fun and it will be a nice way to socialize since we aren’t able to leave our houses right now. All of your closest friends and family will hop on a Zoom call together to celebrate YOU and your precious baby...all from the comfort of your own home! 

How do they work? It will take some coordination from the host:

STEP ONE: The host will need to set up a Zoom meeting. This is a great video explaining all the deets of Zoom:

I would not require a password for the call because it’s just going to add one more step for your guests. I would also suggest turning on the video for everyone & only allow call in audio via computer! Zoom calls CAN get pretty crazy with more than about 20 people, so keep that in mind. It also may help if people “mute” their microphones when they aren’t speaking. Sometimes it can cause feedback when the group is very large and microphones are not muted. 

STEP TWO: This is the fun part. Pick a theme for the shower!! Just because this is a virtual party does NOT mean there shouldn’t be a theme or decorations. Talk to the mama to be about a theme preference!  STEP THREE: you will need to send out invites (these can be paper or electronic). If you have already sent out invites for an in-person shower that is being canceled, you may want to send out another round informing people about the change of plans (I suggest doing it the same day/time of the original party so it’s not confusing). Make sure you include the Zoom meeting details & explain how it will work so when the party rolls around, everything goes smoothly. I am personally a big fan of paper invites BUT because the party is virtual it may be easier to send electronic!  PRO TIP: Have all of your guests get on the Zoom call BEFORE the mom to be so when she joins, there are no technical issues & everyone is all smiles!  STEP FOUR: Figure out the best way to get gifts from your guests to the mama! If you plan to open gifts during the virtual shower, nicely let your guests know that gifts should be shipped or dropped off before the shower date! For the virtual shower I am throwing for DeeDee in May, I am planning on driving around to everyone’s house to drop of our “baby shower in a bag” (more on this later) & offer gift pick up! This may not be possible for you if guests are not local.  STEP FIVE: “baby shower in a bag/box!“ I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH. It’s also going to add a level of engagement and interest to your Zoom party. Once you pick a theme, find decorations and favors to send to the mama to be/ guests. You will ship or drop off these items BEFORE the shower so people have time to get in theme. We are providing some of our favorite themes/ items at the end of this post! The “baby shower in a bag” items do NOT need to be extravagant. Think about including: an item guests can wear (that can be seen on the Zoom call), a sweet treat, balloons that can be on camera, a banner to put behind the mom etc.  I would also think about including some games that can be played over the Zoom call to keep people engaged. You could also include a fun drink recipe guests could make before the party starts! GET CREATIVE!!! Don’t stress about this. Keep it simple.  Now onto the fun part.... these are our ideas for themes and items for “baby shower in a bag” treats! All items are found on Amazon for easy ordering. We also included invite options (some paper & some free electronic)! We wanted to keep the options low in cost because we know how hard COVID-19 has been on people financially- for around 20 guests you could do “baby shower in a bag”, invites and decor for the mom for about $4 a person!! 

BABY GIRL ($3.65 per person for 20 guests) 

banner for mom ($7.95):

welcome the baby electronic invite (free):

tickled pink paper invite ($0.53 each):

pink starbursts ($9.22):

pink cups ($4.99):

pink balloons- pk of 20 ($2.52):

pink crowns- pk of 6 ($6.99):

pink party games- pk of 50 ($15.99):

pink paper straws- pk of 24 ($3.90):

BABY BOY ($3.39 per person for 20 guests)

blue baby bingo- pk of 24 ($12.95):

blue tassels for mama to be ($9.95):

silver crowns- pk of 6 ($5.99):

blue balloons- pk of 10 ($2.00):

Hershey’s kisses ($7.88):

blue electronic invite (free):

zoom call props- pk of 25 ($8.99):

ALOHA BABY ($4.00 per person for 20 guests)

banana leaf electronic invite (free):

let’s shower paper invite ($0.53 each):

leaf banner for mama to be ($8.99):

tropical balloons- pk of 15 ($8.99):

leis- pk of 12 ($9.99):

palm tree drink umbrellas- pk of 20 ($8.99):

palm leaf paper cups- pk of 8 ($3.79):

gold paper straws- pk of 25 ($3.75):

what’s on your phone game- pk of 25 ($14.99):

MAMA TO BEE ($4.20 per person for 20 guests) sweet as can bee banner for mama ($9.98):

white bee electronic invite (free):

gold queen bee crowns- pk of 12 ($9.99):

hive paper invites ($0.44 each):

yellow balloons- pk of 50 ($13.99):

honey sticks- pk of 50 ($10.99):

honeycomb dipper- pk of 24 ($8.98):

twine ($3.99):

oh honey tags (free):

mama to bee games- pk of 50 ($15.99):

This is going to be SO fun! You deserve a baby shower and this is a great option for you to do! I want to extend help in any way I can, if you need some guidance feel free to email me at or DM me on insta (@myhealthyca)! Make sure you tag us on any virtual shower posts (@photographybydeedee & @myhealthyca) and follow along as I plan DeeDee’s shower for May! 

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