San Luis Obispo Maternity Photography | Neddy + Oscar

I always offer to provide Maternity gowns for my clients. But for this session, they had already planned their outfits. Which is easy peasy for me. You guys!!! When they showed up to Sea Canyon Fruit Ranch, in Avila Beach, my heart allllmost burst out of my chest! They were like straight out of a magazine. I always get so excited when clients put a lot of effort into their wardrobe. Although, I am always willing to help with that.

We walked around the Fruit Ranch and took some gorgeous photos, and then we got in our vehicles and drove and drove and drove. Thankfully they are familiar with Sea Canyon, so they knew how much driving we were in for.

The second location was at the top of some rolling hills in San Luis Obispo. And I had only been to this spot in the complete dark for a Milky Way Workshop I attended this past summer. So, needless to say, I was hoping my sense of where the sun sets was on point. And oh my gosh was it ever! It's so funny to my husband that I can tell you where the sun will set for every month of the year. I thought everyone knew this. I have to know this stuff. I guess you can call me an official light chaser. ;)

Oscar is from Columbia. So he brought along some hats that represent his home. And it was soooo perfect! Seriously, I love this entire session, with all my heart! Maternity photoshoots are my absolute favorite right now. But I think I say that about every session. Ha! Just wait to see their newborn photos, OMG. We had about 20 different set ups and Sebastian slept so peacefully through it all. Stay tuned. ;)


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